Tuesday, 24 March 2009

fabulous bakin' girl

i have really been neglecting my poor blog lately, but i'm back now after having a bit of a wobble last week, but i found this great article on modish biz tips that made me feel better, this is an excellent blog especially for creative people who are trying to make a living from what they love to do.
anyway ........ after that i feel the need for some sugar what better way to get a sugar fix than with cup cakes especially fabulously decorated chocalate cup cakes bake it pretty is a fab shop with a big variety of cake toppers, bun cases, cake boxes and so on.
i haven't made cakes since i was little with my mum, but i would love to have a cup cakes and cocktails party.
love the mini retro record players and the deers ,check out the leopard print bun cases raaaahhh.

cake decs

if you fancy having your own cup cake and cocktails party here's a recipe for ya

cake recipe

PS. i have a sale on at my etsy shop go grab a bargain , getting ready for the new goodies.