Friday, 27 February 2009

see you soon


look what i found

earlier today i was clearing out some stuff and i found my old portfolio from university i studied fashion design about four years ago. i thought it would be fun to post one of my old illustrations from my final collection, the collection was about a girls messy bedroom and dressing up it was supposed to be something like Carrie Bradshaw would wear on one of her wilder days especially the dress, or something like Kylie would wear on stage at one of her to show at London graduate fashion week but can't find the pics !!!!!!!!
the colour on the picture is a bit dodgy as my scanner is rubbish .

uni work 1

Thursday, 26 February 2009

eye candy

love this spread from nylon i want candy, about designer johnathan saunders
nylon is such eye candy for me, love the graphics and illustrations it has a funky homemade feel.

i want candy

visit NYLON here

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

bright side project

i was thrilled when i was asked by the lovely miss B (otherwise known as Tristan) to be part of the bright side project, her idea was to get 26 artists and designers to give away an item a day just to bring a bit of hapiness to the world .

I am giving away a print of your choice from my store here all you have to do is answer this question....................

What is your favourite purchase of all time, and why?

the winner will be drawn next week so go and check out the bright side project on the fab blah,blah,blahg.
ps. there are lots of other goodies left to win as well.

blahg giveaway

vintage twiggy tights

Kate wasn't the first super to do merchandise it all started with Twiggy.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

inspiration:alice in wonderland

after buying this lovely alice in wonderland tape (below) from cottonblue i got really inspired by it, i feel some alice inspired prints for accesori design coming soon.

alice insperation board

images from here

another hard day!

another cute dog found on my hard drive, i think he's resting after another hard day at the office.


if you know where this image is from please let me know.

Monday, 23 February 2009

i could live here

this is the gorgeous london home of Jade Jagger ,designer and daughter of mick and style icon Bianca Jagger love her style.

jade jagger house

images from elle march 2009

blog thanks

many thanks to stuff under twenty for featuring my love is the thing print available from my etsy shop. Stuff under twenty is a fab new blog for recessionistas everything on the site is $20 and under.

stuff under 20

Saturday, 21 February 2009

tea love

i love tea

I don't function properly until iv'e had my first cup of tea in the morning i came across this adorable little tea bag on design for mankind its by peas and needles they have a lovely little etsy shop selling prints and other goodies.

In my imaginary glamorous life this is what i drink my tea out of, this gorgeous Jasper Conran cup and saucer.

posh cup

but this is more like what i drink my tea out of...................................


all items from john lewis

Friday, 20 February 2009

bloggin beginner

i started this blog mainly because i enjoy posting about things i like and also because its a good way to show my designs and promote accesori design which i hope to start as a business , if any one has any tips or ideas on how to promote my blog further or wants to swap links, that would be fantastic just email me ,it's really appreciated.

a bit random but this is so cute

glam pug

i'm so glam my dog fetches jimmy choos not sticks

not sure where i saved this image from if you do, let me know and i will link back

fresh and new from accesori design

here are my two newest prints i wanted to take some photos but my camera will not work !!! they look really good framed and are about half the size of my usual prints around A4 size
they will be available at my etsy store soon for $10 each.

new prints graffiti

Thursday, 19 February 2009

colour love:primary and bright

love primary

how often do you colour print from accesoridesign

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

etsy: every jot and tittle

every jot and tittle is a fab etsy store that specialises in tags and paper goods all their tags can be personalised on the back with your name or company details.

jot tag 2

love these, they would look sweet made into little greetings cards.

jot tag 1

these would be good to style up your storage

jot tag 4

dog silouhettes would look so good framed.

hello kitty for mac

I'm a bit of a beauty product junkie and i love it when mac does collections with different brands, the new hello kitty collection is just adorable it launches here in march super cute packaging and accesories.

kitty temptalia

image from temptalia

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

make a mixa

i was reading grazia at lunchtime and i saw the mixatape, it looks just like an old fashioned plastic tape cassette but SUPRISE it has a little pop out USB stick, you go to makeamixa pick your design fill the 1GB memory with music, it costs £19.99 but you get it delivered in a shiny box with stickers and a USB cable, this reminds me of being at school taping songs off the radio ,me and my friends making tapes for each other and decorating the boxes with stickers from smash hits.

mixa 3

mixa 5

Monday, 16 February 2009

55 max london

i love black and white photographic images, especially stuff from the sixties and old fashion shoots, so glamorous. 55 max London is a company that has a huge library of images which can be put on to canvases or framed, they are a little pricey but still great to look at for inspiration.
Another great place for vintage and black and white images (and cheaper) is All posters they have a good selection of posters and prints.

brigitte canvas

love this canvas image of brigette bardot £215 from 55 max


image of celia hammond by terrence donovan 40cm x 50cm print £12.99 all posters


not black and white but i love this vintage bally ad 46 x 61 print £10.99

Sunday, 15 February 2009

two colour decorating

i'm loving this feature in living etc. on decorating with two main colours this magenta and lime room has to be my favourite especially love the black and white brigitte bardot canvas.

magenta and lime