Thursday, 8 January 2009

love this book

iv'e spent all morning drooling over this book, New London style by Chloe Grimshaw with photographs by Ingrid Rasmussen.

the front cover is fashion stylists Jo Berryman's Hampstead living room with this gorgeous union jack wall hanging by Lucinda Chambers, its been seen in loads of blogs and magazines but i still love it.

It showcases the london homes of various of people within the fashion, music and arts industry, there are so many gorgeous photos in this book here are a few for you to drool over.

Matthew Williamsons Hampsted home i'd die for that pucci chair.

Each section of the book is split up into the different areas of london.

A wall in art director Harvey Bertram Browns home

Furniture designer Lisa Whatmoughs Hackney living room

love the stripe/floral furniture.

A table made from a old underground sign in Adam Hills and Maria Speakes Marylebone home.