Monday, 6 April 2009

modish monthly goal meet up april

i love this from modish biz tips, the idea is that you post 5 realistic goals for your business on the site for every one to see, the idea being that if its there you are more likely to stick to it and get it done, and then on the 1st friday of the month everyone meets online to see how we all got on. this is a fab idea for a i'll do it tomorrow girl like me
my goals for the month are

1. new photos and descriptions on etsy
2. get note cards of prints printed
3. get new etsy banner more on twitter not just blog feed
5.create an editorial schedule for my blog
6.increase readership of my blog

already made a start designed a new etsy banner

new shop banner

what do you think? i redid the blog banner so i'm all matchy matchy now i like the softer colours.

i'd also love to know what you think about blog schedules, do you like blogs that have certain features on a certain day say like fashion on a monday or interiors on a friday or do you prefer blogs with less structure so you get more of a suprise when you go to read.

enough of me going on , check modish biz tips out for yourself x


Pattie said...

I like your new banner it is very edgy!! And, I like blogs with somewhat of a schedule but more so surprise, that way it keeps things fresh and doesn't force them into a schedule block :)

Pattie said...

I love the modish biz tips too they are so helpful I go everyday!